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Dear Brothers and Sisters in North America,

I have just got back from visiting many different places during the past few weeks. We were in Pocoata, Chapare, Cocapata, and Los Negros (Santa Cruz). Of all of these trips, during the one to Cocapata we experienced several trials, just like an attack from the enemy but thanks to the Lord we were able to make it through these trials. One whole family was won to the Lord in Inca Casani, near Altamachi.

We left Cochabamba around 3:30 am in order to arrive in Cocapata at noon but just as we were leaving town in Marquina I realized that I had no brakes and the battery was not charging. When I had started my vehicle, I heard a cat screech and saw a cat run out from under the vehicle. I took the car to the mechanics where he found the rest of another cat amongst the broken belts.

We were on the road again by 11 am but for some reason all the luggage came off the roof in the middle of the main highway Blanc Galinda. It almost caused an accident and cars ran over our bags damaging some of them.
We were able to reach the other side of the high mountains but as we reached the town of Calientes, the back door opened and our food and drinks fell out onto the road. Our extra battery was broken. I figured after all of this what can go wrong next?

We arrived at 7:45 p.m. and a family was waiting for us. This was the family that was saved the next day. Now we understood why the enemy did not want us to arrive. The Lord had been at work in this family’s hearts.
The Lord provided an opportunity to purchase a projector for our trips. The price was $700 USD. I have pain $400 towards the cost and need to pay the remaining $300 by the end of May. Please be praying that God will supply for this need. We will be using the projector this week end in Morochata with Zenon. Pray that hears will be open to the Gospel.
Thank you for your support and prayers.

May God bless you all.

MISSIONARY UPDATE - Roy and Ruth Harrison - June 2006

Dear Geary Baptist Family,

What an absolute delight to hear from you and catch up a bit with all that the Lord has been doing in and through you! I'm not sure who took the time to write it, but thanks so much. Praise God for the opportunities He has given to you, both near and far, and we trust God will use each to bring others to Himself. Thanks for standing with us in prayer and financial giving as well--a great encouragement. We were especially delighted to read of good news of the Davidson children--please give that family our greetings; fond memories of time spent in their home! But, we were expecting to read news of the building progress--maybe next time. Special greetings as well to Oswald and Stella Carr and to everyone. May God richly bless.

Ruth (& Laura)

MISSIONARY UPDATE - Al and Brenda Cabral - April 2006

Dear Friends at Geary:

Greetings! It’s spring-well sort of!

What a difference a few months make. If you were to re-read our last letter (which I just did) you would rejoice exceedingly with us for God has been renewing and reviving our hearts for the ministry and His glory. We praise God for renewed health and a lifting of the darkness that enveloped our lives for those months.

The ministry, over the winter, has been so encouraging. People have been delivered from darkness and restored. Many wonderful events have occurred regarding individuals and churches where God has graciously intervened and given freedom from bondage.

The Texas Trip, which occurs each March break, is always great and this year the team was exceptional. There were 23 members in all. Many of the campers we dealt with were deep in sin, Satanism, drugs and various other addictions. BUT GOD!! What awesome things He did in the lives of these young people. There was deliverance that was astounding and radical change that was obvious to all. The positive part of this was their desire to reach their immediate family and friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord helped the team raise $20,000 for airfare and accommodations. We only had $7,000 six weeks before we left so it was a real work of God in the hearts of His people to bring in the re4maining amount.

On March 24 I (Al) turned 59. (I think 60 will be a crisis!) While in San Antonio, Texas I did a “youth” rally. The place was full of teens and I was “almost 59”. I thought, “How much longer can I do this and still reach them?” Well- “God came down!” It was incredible to see Him work in lives and restore them for His glory. (So I guess I will be doing this a while longer.)

Thanks for your prayers and support of our ministry. We consider it an honor to represent our Lord and you.

Trust you have a great spring and summer. We are looking for His presence to go with us.

In the Vine,



Hi Folks.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I am writing to you from Cochabamba. As far as the first troubles my Mother in law was having, things are under control and she is taking the appropriate medicines in her treatment. Since then some heart trouble has been detected and she has probably been suffering with this for a while undetected. She has racing and slow heart rates ranging anywhere between 40 beats per min to 160 bpm during an hour. This will need a pacemaker. She is most likely going to have the surgery tomorrow or Tuesday depending on if we can find an appropriate pacemaker for her. We were planning to head back to Sucre this morning but have delayed that for a day or two. Thanks again for your prayers. We are doing well after the lightning incident. Things are getting fixed and going back to normal. We are taking extra precautions during this rainy season to avoid another incident (unplugging things if not in use etc.). I have sent away my laptop for repairs to Santa Cruz and so who knows how long it will be there. As far as the new vehicle is concerned, it sure is hard to find something to replace our Montero. It is such a good useful vehicle. They just don't make them the same these days. I need to check on one here in Coch tomorrow, Monday. It is probably only a 93 but I think it will be a great upgrade. Not sure of the price yet. The Lord has been providing wonderfully. We are very thankful and keep trusting for God to bring in the rest. I am not sure exactly how much has come in till this date but there was about 8000 Cdn last month. We are preparing for the team. We have some initial visits still to do. The rains have made it hard but they are passing now. I sent out a letter to the missionaries about our participation with our Bolivia Co-workers and I am going to send it to you as I know you receive correspondence directly from Casiano. We want to be able to help them in the most positive way possible. Thanks to all. God bless and please great the Brethren.

Greg and Lily Muir
503 Sucre, Bolivia
Webpage http://www.missionsbolivia.org

MISSIONARY UPDATE - Ruth Haynes and Laura Bonney - November 25th, 2011

Pray As You Read – received November 25th

(November Pray Letter is in Foyer ‘Missions’ Stand)

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Blessed Christmas. I know it's still November, but here in the Philippines, Christmas is in the air and has been since September! What a very special time of the year in every way!

THANK YOU so much for praying for us at least once a week. You are very much a part of what God is doing here! We hope that this prayer letter will both encourage you and give you renewed passion/commitment as you continue to pray for us and the ministry He has given to us here.

Love in Christ, Ruth (& for Laura)

Ruth Haynes
serving with SEND International
Philippine Address:
QCCPO Box 1415
1154 Quezon City, MM
Philippine Home Phone: (from USA and Canada) 011-632-926-1914
Email: ruthlhaynes@gmail.com
Personal WebSite: http://bonneyandhaynes.homestead.com

Currently serving with VOICE Philippines: Mobilizing and equipping evangelical churches to teach Bible values in elementary and high school classrooms.

MISSIONARY UPDATE - Georgina Keys - February 22, 2007

Dear Prayer Warriors and Partners in Ministry:

Greetings once again; it is time that I put my intentions to paper once again and say hello, as you haven’t heard from me since Christmas (at least). I trust that each of you had a good beginning to 2007, and are finding that the Lord truly is faithful. I hope you have been able to keep warm with the quick change in temperature this month. I thought I would never admit this, but I must, it was even nice to see a little of the white stuff fall.

The last couple of months has been a busy time with AIM ministry, with the opportunity of meeting new contacts and encouraging them as they seek the Lord’s will for their lives. We had a good response from Urbana (A big Mission Conference held in the USA once every three years) – I believe AIM received well over 60 contacts made through this mission emphasis conference. Most of the contacts were from Ontario, so three of us divided those ones amongst us. I had the privilege of making contact with about 19 people and to encourage them in their desire to serve the Lord. Most of these are considering ministry next year, or in a couple of years. We praise the Lord that He is still calling people to become part of the AIM ministry in Africa.

Also in January I was able to welcome Wendy Willmore back from her three months of serving at the Kapsowar Hospital . It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with her in Moncton hearing about how the Lord used her, and worked in her own life during those three months. Along with this, I have received a couple other contacts from the Maritimes that I am working with at the moment as well. So the year has started of with a bang.

The Personnel Dept. of AIM is now busy putting together the teams for this summer; it sounds like it will be an exciting summer. I am happy to be joining the travelers this year. I have the privilege of leading a team to Tanzania from 17 May-28 June, to work with orphans and widows affected by the AIDS epidemic. I am excited about this opportunity to return to my second home for a time of ministry, but at the same time the thought of being responsible for a team of eight or so adults is a bit scary; but the Lord will enable. I invite you to pray with me for this ministry. A few things to remember in prayer are:

  • Pray that each team member will be able to raise their support in the short time left (each one will need to have their support in by the middle of April to confirm their flight bookings).
  • Pray that we as a team (as well as individually) will effectively communicate the love of Christ to those we go to minister to.
  • Pray that I will have wisdom and discernment in ministering to the members of the team, so that they will have the best experience that the Lord has planned for them.
  • Pray that my use of the Kiswahili language will return as I go to minister in Tanzania.

The program for the six weeks isn’t all laid out in stone yet (though it could change anyway by the time we get there), but a couple things we hope to do is have a VBS with the orphan children; as well as be able to visit the widows and be an encouragement to them in some way.

Over the next couple of months, as well as preparing for this trip, my ministry as Maritime Mobilizer will continue to occupy my attention. I will be preparing for the Jesus to the Nations Mission Fest which will be held in Halifax the last weekend of March. (23-25th). I would appreciate your prayers for safety in travel, as well as for wisdom and discernment in talking with visitors to our display. I am thankful that our Newfoundland Mobilizer, Paul Evans, will be helping me this year.

Ministry at the New Maryland Baptist Church continues to be a joy. I again have the privilege this year to work with the church’s mission committee. Just this week we met and started making plans for our Mission Emphasis Sunday on 6 May. This weekend, we will be taking the AWANA clubbers for a sleigh ride. I am thankful to the Lord for the health and opportunity to be involved in these ministries.

On the family side, I’m thankful that Dad is experiencing fairly good health. He still hasn’t gained his confidence back after his fall last October, so he is dependent on me to be his chauffeur when he needs to go somewhere. However, he is starting to get outside a bit more, so maybe by Spring he will be willing to try driving again.

In closing I thank the Lord for each one of you. I thank you for your partnership in ministry as well as for your friendship. I am so blessed to have you as a part of my team. It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to assure you of His love for you, and enable you to serve Him in new and exciting ways this year.

Serving a Great God,

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