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trek-redTrek is the new middle-school program from 24-7 Ministries, the youth ministry arm of Awana®. Trek takes the best of our 25 years of middle-school ministry experience—and makes it even better!

"Trek answers the questions kids are asking — literally! Over the past two years, we’ve asked hundreds of Trek students, “What’s your biggest question about God and the Bible?” Trek takes these real questions from real students and answers them from the Bible in a relevant, engaging way." - Trek Web site

Geary Baptist Church Trek Information

  1. You must be in grade 7or 8.
  2. Your parents must be in agreement with you joining our Trek group. Please have them complete the Medical Release form and return it to the Trek Secretary.
  3. Trek meet Wednesday evenings from 5:55pm to 8:00pm. The meeting periods are:
    • flag ceremony
    • feature event (gym time)
    • large group , everyone works on the team unit
    • small group, complete team unit, starting blocks, Sprint Marathon (individual) course and projects, including Pacer Challenges
  4. Register every night with the Trek Secretary in the Family Center.
  5. Pay dues of 30 cents per week to the Secretary.
  6. New members must complete the starting blocks to earn the Team Member Certificate, to wear the Trek shirt and to begin studying the Sprint course.
  7. Each Trek clubber will be assigned to a Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue team.
  8. Team points can be earned each week by clubbers as follows: Discovery Hour 20; Bible 20; Church 20; conduct 20; completion of units in Starting Blocks, team and individual courses, and projects 100; Pacer Challenges 100. Members of the team earning the most points each week are given shares which can be spent at the Awana® store held several times per year.
  9. Awards; Stripes for every 10 team, Sprint, Marathon, or Pacer Challenges. Book awards and Pacer Pins can also be earned.
  10. Good conduct is essential and encouraged by these two methods;
    • FIVE COUNT: used to quiet the entire group. A leader counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the Trek 24-7 club members must be quiet before 5 is reached.
    • THREE COUNT: used for individual discipline. If a clubber's conduct is not acceptable they are given a "1" count (clubber loses 20 conduct points), then "2" (clubber loses all points earned that night and their share), and finally a "3" count. Clubbers are taken to the Commander or Pastor after each count. If a Treker is given "3" counts in any 4 week period, they are then taken home by two leaders who will tell the clubber parents the reason for bringing the clubber home. The clubber is welcome back next week if they plan to have acceptable conduct.
  11. General Rules:
    • Always be polite, no bad language, name calling or fighting
    • Wear sneakers and clothes for the gym (or bring them)
    • Wear your Trek shirt
  12. Costs; pay the Trek Secretary. Payment can be spread over several weeks. Uniforms = $24.00; Team Course = $5.00; Sprint and Marathon Course = $6.00

Worship Service Times

Discovery Hour
Sunday mornings at 9:30am (more)

Sunday Worship Service
Sunday mornings at 10:45am (more)

Prayer Meetings
Mondays at 6:30pm (more)

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Wednesdays at 5:55pm