How does a “Prayer Chain” work?

The Geary Baptist Church has a prayer chain in place for situations that require urgent prayer.
Here is how it works: prayer requests are made known to Pastor Greg or one of the Deacons, who then contact the next two people on the chain and then they contact the people who are next to them and so on until the chain is completed. It is a very effective means of getting the word out and prayer to begin. In order for this to work we need people who are willing to participate.

Guidelines: Each prayer request is treated as confidential. The person with the prayer request will make it known publically if they wish. If you are calling people on the prayer chain and they are not at home, do not leave a detailed voice message but simply ask the people to call you back so you can talk to them directly. Call the next person on the chain and that will keep the chain going.

If you are interested in participating in the prayer chain please contact the church.

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