"Leading Kids Worldwide To Know, Love And Serve Christ"  - Awana is every Wednesday at 5:55pm.

Discovery Hour at Geary Baptist Church

Discovery Hour at Geary Baptist Church

Discovery Hour is our version of Sunday School and is for ALL AGES! Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

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Welcome to Geary Baptist Church

GBC church buildingWelcome to the Geary Baptist Church website. We are very glad to have you visit our site. On it you will find updated information about our activities and events, information about our history and beliefs, and links that take you on a spiritual journey. That is really what Geary baptist is all about – taking people on a spiritual journey.

It is our desire that alll people know that God loves them and has a desire to see each one walking in an intimate relationship with Him.


"Food for Thought" from Pastor Robert Weaver

Bulletin for November 26, 2017

pastor weaver food for thought

Hypocrite is a word that often gets thrown around in our day. The running definition seems to be: “a person who says one thing and does something else.” Sometimes we hear: “a hypocrite says all the right things but never really comes through with the right actions.” Regardless of the in-style definition of the word, we are best to go right to Jesus’ definition. Jesus used the words of the prophet Isaiah to define a hypocrite: “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught be men.” (Isaiah 29:13 is quoted by Jesus in Mark 7:6) Jesus is looking for “heart service” not “lip service”. What is more, Jesus follows this quote with a striking image. He accused them of letting go of the commands of God and holding on to the traditions of men.

The last thing we want is to be accused by our Lord of holding more closely to our traditions than the word of God. We need to be people who hold dear the commands of God and hold loosely to our own traditions. And what was it Jesus told us was the command of God? That we love God with our entire being and that we love our neighbor as ourselves. This covers all of God’s law and commands for us. When we love God and love others we will not hold to any “traditions of men” that offend the commands of God. As Jesus has shown us, we will show in our actions our changed hearts rather than just speak a hollow message. Let’s stay close to our Lord by following His will for us. Let’s run away as fast as we can from anything that people have made up that does not cause us to love God and love others.

When Oswald and Gertrude Chambers were missionaries in Egypt they had meager accommodations. They lived in a modified tent as they ministered as part of the YMCA. This limitation did not prevent them from doing their best, with the help of a small crew, to host 500 to 700 soldiers every Sunday for tea. Chambers said of the gatherings that they came “to eat … not to hear me preach, there is a meeting later in the evening if they want to stay.” That attitude led to an opening for Chambers to present Christ. One soldier said to him one Sunday afternoon, “I can’t stand religious people” to which Chambers responded “neither can I.” That heartfelt response opened the door for him to share about what Jesus had done in his life. Jesus wants us to let go of the traditions of men and hold on to the commands of God.

~ Pastor Robert Weaver

Music Ministry

joyful noise

If you:
• Have attended GBC for 6 months
• Are a professing Christian
• Can play an instrument
• Can sing / carry a tune
• Would like to be part of the God honoring Music Ministry at GBC

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Summer Worship Schedule

worship with us

From July 5th through to September 6th, Sunday Morning Worship Service will start at 10:00 am.  (Discovery Hour and regular worship schedule returns September 13th)

Worship Service Times

Discovery Hour
Sunday mornings at 9:30am (more)

Sunday Worship Service
Sunday mornings at 10:45am (more)

Prayer Meetings
Mondays at 6:30pm (more)

Awana & Youth Times

Puggles - age 2 & younger 3’s (more)
Cubbies - preschool (more)
Sparks - K to grade 2 (more)
Truth and Training - grades 3 to 5 more)
Trek - Middle School (more)

Wednesdays at 5:55pm


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Heritage Christian School

Geary Baptist Church is pleased to be the
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