GBC Bursary

GBC Bursary

Applications for GBC’s Bursary Program are now available.



"Leading Kids Worldwide To Know, Love And Serve Christ"  - Awana is every Wednesday at 5:55pm.

Discovery Hour at Geary Baptist Church

Discovery Hour at Geary Baptist Church

Discovery Hour is our version of Sunday School and is for ALL AGES! Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:45am for Sunday Morning Worship Service.

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Welcome to Geary Baptist Church

GBC church buildingWelcome to the Geary Baptist Church website. We are very glad to have you visit our site. On it you will find updated information about our activities and events, information about our history and beliefs, and links that take you on a spiritual journey. That is really what Geary baptist is all about – taking people on a spiritual journey.

It is our desire that alll people know that God loves them and has a desire to see each one walking in an intimate relationship with Him.


Food For Thought from Pastor Robert Weaver

Bulletin for May 1, 2016

pastor weaver food for thought

There are two words used most often in the New Testament to distinguish time.  The one we are most familiar with is chronos because it has made its way into our language.  We know what a chronology is and we are familiar with a chronological sequence.  There even is a fancy word for a watch called a chronometer.  This is one of the Greek words for time has crept into our language.  Chronos is the word that was used to mark off time as it passes.  Ticks on a clock and hours that pass into days that is chronos.

The other commonly used word for time in the New Testament is kairos.  We are not as familiar with this word likely because it has not gained common usage in our society.  This is a word that is meant to signify an event or an occasion and by definition it is not a specific number of minutes or hours.  It is a way to describe that something is happening.

We can see in these two words an example for our life and future with Jesus Christ.  Right now here on earth we live in chronos.  Hours become days and days become years.  Yet forever with our Saviour in heaven will be kairos.  The contrast is drawn for us in the Scriptures.  Psalm 90 speaks of our life span as “70 years or 80 years, if we have the strength” (Psalm 90:10).  In comparison, Jesus makes His promise to “come back and take you to be with Me that you may be where I am.” (John 14:3)  There is a time coming when our chronos will give way to kairos and we will be forever with our Saviour.  It is the time when we will forget about what time it is and forever live in the occasion because we will be basking in the beautiful glory of our God.

I want to leave you with this truth.  The Apostle John was told at the end of Revelation: “Do not seal up the words of this prophecy because the kairos is near.” (Revelation 22:10)  What is the kairos he is talking about?  Jesus makes it plain to us in 22:7 what this “time” is: “behold, I am coming soon!”

~ Pastor Robert Weaver

Graduation Banquet

graduation cap and diploma

On Sunday, June 5th at 5 pm we will be having a Graduation Banquet for all graduates in our communities of Haneytown, Waterville, French Lake and Geary. 

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2016 SEED Update

summer job

GBC is waiting to be notified as to how many employment positions it has been granted for 2016.  To that end, please be advised that this program has been re-designed for 2016 and new procedures are in place. 

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GBC Bursary

graduation cap and diploma2

Applications for GBC’s Bursary Program are now available.  A pdffill-able PDF is available online and a hard copy version is on the Missions rack in the GBC foyer (blue paper).  Please follow the instructions regarding application criteria and submission procedure.  All applications are due into the GBC office by May 30, 2016.

A Note from our Trustees

bottled water

Those wishing to donate bottled water (for public use) are asked to contact any one of the GBC Trustees so that a storage place can be arranged. The GBC Trustees wish to thank those who already have donated bottled water as this is not a budgeted item. They also want to make it clear that the water at GBC is safe to drink from any tap.

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Missions Trip

missions trip 2016

Janice B., her neice Victoria J. as well as Jeff, Susan and Emma S., have applied and been accepted to take part in a Mission Trip to Thailand this summer. The cost per person is expected to be between $3,000 and $4,000.  They will be ministering as part of the ACE Service Adventure team from July 14th to 28th in an area about 2 hours north of Bangkok.

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Worship Service Times

Discovery Hour
Sunday mornings at 9:30am (more)

Sunday Worship Service
Sunday mornings at 10:45am (more)

Prayer Meetings
Mondays at 6:30pm (more)

Awana & Youth Times

Puggles - age 2 & younger 3’s (more)
Cubbies - preschool (more)
Sparks - K to grade 2 (more)
Truth and Training - grades 3 to 5 more)
Trek - Middle School (more)

Awana is every Wednesday at 5:55pm

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Heritage Christian School

Geary Baptist Church is pleased to be the
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